CNC Machining

Absolute Pattern and Toolmakers use highly accurate CNC machinery to manufacture complex pattern and tooling for a number of different industries throughout the engineering world.

Our experienced CNC programmers use software called PowerMill provided by Autodesk, once the toolpath strategies are generated and calculated they are then checked using the internal collision detection parameters which is then transferred to one of our six VMC CNC machines.

Each machine has varying capacities, with the biggest envelope we can machine at 2m x 760mm x 550mm of travel, all of our machines have automated tool changing capabilities, which carry up to 30 different tools from large roughing cutters down to Ø0.5mm ball nose cutters for picking out to the smallest detail required, this allows us to machine your project in an evidently speedier time through the machine rather than being benched in by our pattern makers on the bench possibly adding more time to the project.

Our tooling consists of solid carbide and PCD tools, from our trusted tooling suppliers, in addition to tools which are specifically ground for delicate and intricate work.

We machine many different materials including tooling/model boards, wood, resin, aluminium, steel and cast iron to manufacture patterns or tooling.  We will discuss the most suitable materials to be used, with our customers prior to any machining takes place.

At the final process of the CNC procedure, a full dimensional inspection using calibrated measuring equipment is carried out working to within requested tolerances by a senior member of staff to ensure the tooling is machined accurately before the project is released to the pattern shop.

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